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Welcome I'm glad you are here!


I'm Alina !  I'm  from Russia currently living in Michigan. I'm a wife and mom of two sweet girls and two adorable little boys who are my life. 


Photography has become something that I can not live without.  It is my release, my passion, and my career. I am captivated by the preservation of moments, memories, glances, love, & personality. I would be honored to capture those for you. 



My favorite shots are usually close-ups. I always shoot wide open to bring the attention to that one person who is showing emotion at that moment. 


In composing my frame, I concentrate on what stands out most at that moment. The wide-angle to include the home, details in close-up, such as hands touching, or even tiny little braids in the hair that indicate loving attention, so many things you may forget in the rush of everyday family life. 

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